About Mocktails

Jan 25, 2022

As a part of my spiritual awakening, I’ve been guided by source to no longer drink alcoholic beverages; no real reason other than the message I received. Once I started receiving reiki and then decided to do my mastership, the voice got stronger, and I listened.

Well, it turns out that zero proof beverages are a thing and I’ve gotten really into them. There are non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits. There are also beverages that contain energy-shifting properties like adaptogens, CBD, Nootrpics  and L-theanine—one of my top go tos is Kin Euphorics.

Quality and taste are key, which is why one of my favorite spirits is Spiritless, which is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit which was created in Kentucky and Women-owned. I enjoy making cocktails and rely heavily on the advice of my dear friend Derek Brown, author of Mindful Mixology and visit his bar in DC, Columbia Room.

Deciding to enjoy zero proof drinks has been more of a spiritual decision as opposed to health. Although, I am receiving some benefits there as well, like better sleep and no colds. My life’s work is to raise the vibration of the planet and in doing so, I must remain high-vibe in order to infuse my clients with positive energy and lift them up.

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