My Adaptogen Journey

Dec 27, 2021

My journey to release caffeine from my life came from my research into adaptogens. You are probably wondering what they are and how they work. Well, I’m here to share my journey and how these mighty little vegetables can help you manifest.

Adaptogens are vegetables that grow in harsh climates—we're talking the frozen arctic tundra. Because they grow in these places on our planet, they become super powered and fortified. So much so, that when they are ingested they help boost our immunity and alleviate stress. Who doesn't want that, right?

So, I take them EVERYDAY, without fail—even when I travel. How do I take them? There are so many great brands out there, but I’ve found FOUR SIGMATIC to have the best taste and provide the best function. I also love that they come in tiny packets and vials for travel.

The reason for this daily practice is for my overall health and wellbeing. I NEVER get sick. When we sit down to our long to-do list on Monday mornings, we move into a state of overwhelm, wondering how we will get it all done. We think we need more energy so we chugg caffeine, when in fact we need to lower our stress. When we lower our stress we are in more of a FLOW state. The universe shows up to support us. We feel like the wind is in our sails instead of feeling like we are pushing a boulder up a hill.

The key to success is less about the hustle and pushing with more caffeine and more about relaxing into our feminie energy and allowing the universe to support us. Oh and yes, having a boosted immunity system helps a lot too.

I mix in a combination of Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane and Ashwagandha into my morning beverage with ghee and coconut milk. It’s so delicious and allows me to do intermittent fasting until noon. Don’t forget to hydrate as well!

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