Conscious Parenting


At Distill + Express we focus on our clients as a whole. As our clients are female entrepreneurs, many are moms. Jamie started the practice of conscious parenting with her own children. While homeschooling her children during quarantine in 2020 alongside coaching her clients on the subconscious mind from her home office, a lightbulb went off in her head — the limiting beliefs we face as adults is rooted in the subconscious mind which is developed from the age of 0-7. Let’s focus our attention on the words that we speak and the energy we provide to our children during this time period.

It's challenging to be present with our children while navigating our other responsibilities, freeing ourselves from the guilt associated with being spread thin. Our goal is to develop confident, joyful, intelligent children. Jamie provides best practices on navigating our children’s emotions, gaining community/support network, and the value of engaging with our children. The  child gains confidence, expansion of the mind, development socially, the overall feeling of joy, accomplishment, fulfillment. 

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