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OK ladies... the time has come to find a home and settle down. When I launched HV WMN in March of 2022 I had no idea what it would grow into. Well it turns out you ladies were craving this type of community. One where you can be vulnerable and do personal development in a safe space. A community where the first question isn't "what do you do?" but is "what's your sign."

We've popped up in NYC, AUSTIN, MIAMI and LA hosting spiritual wellness events and a retreat in Costa Rica. We've done everything from sound healing, breathwork, cacao ceremonies, hiking, spa treatments and zeroproof happy hours. You ladies keep coming back for more. Which truly warms my heart. I thought I was creating HVWMN for all of you female entrepreneurs, but didn't realize how much I desired to have a like-minded supportive community as well.

Now it's time to connect in the DMV area under four walls. It's time for the High Vibe House - Healing Center of Spiritual Wellness for Women!

I'm currently looking for a serene location in nature but metro accessible! The High Vibe House will include all of the life-changing activations that I've hosted across the country along with a space to co-work. The big news is that we will also have a cold plunge and sauna at the HVH!!! 

We are currently raising money for the HVH. Donate, if you want to support women growing their small business. Donate, if you want to support spiritual wellness and personal development. Donate, if you want to support conscious parenting and release generational traumas. Donate now!!!

We are also hosting a series of super fun fundraising events this Fall. Stay tuned for the list!


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The High Vibe Women Community is expanding and we are looking for a place to call home in the DMV. The High Vibe House is a center for for healing and wellness supports women and moms on their personal development journeys. Inside the four walls we produce weekly programing that include wellness activations, retreats, non-alcoholic meet ups and co-working.

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