The Reserve


The Reserve

Are you looking to meditate but not sure where to start? Are you feeling like something is holding you back but not sure what it is? Do you see patterns in your life you want to change? Do you have negative self-talk on repeat in your mind? Are you ready to start manifesting but need step-by-step guidance?

Welcome to the Reserve, an online platform that will kick-start your subconscious journey into magnetizing abundance into your life. The Reserve is a place where you can fill your cup with spiritual, intellectual, and mental practices to help you create and design the life, career, and freedom you dream of and feel in alignment with your inspired action!

We offer three different options for you:

Well of Abundance

Feel good about magnetizing abundance and making an impact. This package includes guided meditations, plus visualizations and journal prompts.



Tapping Your Reserves

Powerfully rewire your subconscious and your energy field to become aligned with your purpose using EFT. This package includes tapping for career, abundance, love, and confident.



Awakened Women

Make massive abundance your new rule for your life with the Universal Laws. This is an eight-week, go-at-your-own-pace manifestation course.



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