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Manifesting takes more than the mental and physical processes commingling though sessions of meditation and visualization. The entire experience is enriched when paired with essential oils that engage the senses, adaptogens that transform the brain, and a bevy of other products designed to help you become your best self. Dive into our shop and build your manifestation toolkit.

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Ritual Body Oil

Ritual Body Oils - Kindred Skincare Co. X Distill + Express

“ The inception of these magical body oils were a co-creation of Frances’ expertise of crafting original products and my consistent daily habits which manifested this vessel into the 3d world.”

Jamie from Distill + Express is a reiki master and has performed manifestation and energy clearing rituals as a part of her daily practice. Frances from Kindred Skincare Co. helped her manifest her dream into the physical world with herapothecary background and expertise. Together they have formulated two body oils to bring beauty, clarity and abundance. 

Manifestation Ritual

In a shower in the AM, use a beautiful Polish Cleanse to remove dead skin cells. Swirl the vessel around 5 times to mix the oils and minerals. Pat yourself dry and gently apply the violet oil all over your body to manifest abundance. Use your voice to say your positive affirmations while looking in the mirror. Ingredients: coconut, bergamot, mint, tangerine, myrrh 

Energy Clearing Ritual

Draw a bath in the PM, throwing in some relaxing epsom salts. Swirl your hand in the water repeating five times the incantation “ I now charge this bath with a powerful healing energy, eliminating all negative energy holding me back.” Soak for 15 minutes while playing subliminals. Swirl the vessel around 5 times to mix the oils and minerals. Pat yourself dry and gently apply the gold oil to clear any negative energy in your aura field. Ingredients: coconut, clary sage, cypress,peppermint, frankincense.

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